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About us

          With genuine pleasure we present you the ROTEX Hometextile Company - one of the longest running distributors on the market of decorative fabrics.

The history of our fascination of the home textile industry dates back to the early nineties of the last century. As a small wholesale firm, working primarily with national manufacturers of fabrics, the company was a small shop and had modest transport base. By the mid 90’s was also a modest offer of the company, presenting mainly the products of domestic manufacturers, which meet the needs of the only forming market.

Dynamic economic transformation and national under-investment in the textile sector, led the domestic manufacturers, having outdated machines and technologies, virtually from day to day no longer offer products in line with customer’s expectations. Thus began our search for alternative sources of inspiration at the European and world textile trade fairs and exhibitions.

In this way, began cooperation of ROTEX with manufacturers in Europe and Asia, and in this way we have entered a new age with the offer, based mainly on the experienced manufacturers and specialists in the field of textiles. Thus, in support of traditional design, we have become a reliable partner to the more demanding customers.

In 2003 the company became the owner of the land and buildings at the 4/6 Wodna Street  in Zduńska Wola. After a major reconstruction and a major refurbishment we moved our headquarters here. However, since the size of office and warehouse exceeded our needs, we put some of them for rent to other companies. Also, the distributors of home furnishings industry. This has led to specialty shopping center, which in future will grow even more than the already existing 5000 square meters.

Long-standing presence in the market and thus gained experience in order to consider us as experts. We are specialists in the supply of decorative fabrics for home, office, hotel and other rooms that are gaining an impression of elegance, warmth and coziness with the products supplied by us.

Almost every day we expand our product range, adding to the already rich and diverse offer. A team of experienced traders supports our customers in both the planning and creation of sales strategy and implementation of new product groups from the segment of decorative fabrics. We sell, delivering the goods to the designated place. Quickly and flexibly respond to the changing needs of our business partners and representatives. Our offer is built on experienced manufacturers and specialists in the field of textiles. Even the most demanding customer will find in our offer something for everyone. We support the traditional design, while we follow the footsteps of new fashion trends and are looking for inspiration in the surrounding world so that they meet customer expectations. Our priority is customer satisfaction with our fabrics and strengthen its brand in the decorative fabrics market.

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